Fee Schedule

John V. Henley LLC Appraisal Services Fee Schedule
John V. Henley, ASA
Accredited Senior Appraiser, Books and Manuscripts

Appraisal Services - $1,250 per day, local
Appraisal Services, $1,850 per day, out of Portland area

Please Inquire About
Special Rates available to Libraries, Museums and Non-profit Organizations
(rate includes but is not limited to time for initial inspection of subject property, compilation and examination of pertinent documents, follow-up consultations, inquires and/or updates via phone, text, email and/or in-person, as well as relevant research, analysis, and all phases required in the preparation and completion of written appraisal report)

Retainer Fee  Required  - $500 (minimum) 

Office Expenses, i.e. printing, copying, binding, scanning,
postage, hired labor, Courier / shipping, presentation materials,
contracted labor assistants     -  Cost      
Travel by car after first 50 miles  -  $0.55 per mile
(Related travel expenses, i.e. lodging, car rental, taxis, shuttle cost
Authentication: Scientific Testing, Experts – retainer required cost)

Fees for litigation services  -  $250/hr 

Consignment and Brokerage Commission  -   30%

Rush fee – for turnaround in 24 hours  -   $500 hr

Fees Effective May 31, 2013